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This Community is Income Restricted

Average income of the households may not exceed the maximum income limits for the property’s program. Please speak with the Marketing Agent or Manager for specific information regarding these income limits.

New Rent Rates

Effective August 1, 2012.

Unit Type Rate
Studio (40%) LIHTC $838
Studio (40%) HOME $838
1×1 (50%) LIHTC $1,120
1×1 (50%) HOME $1,012
2×1 (50%) LIHTC $1,340
2×1 (50%) HOME $1,212
3×2 (40%) LIHTC $1,219
3×2 (40%) HOME $1,219
3×2 (50%) LIHTC $1,540
3×2 (50%) HOME $1,395

Rent Rates

Depending on income and unit type.

Unit Type Low End High End
Studios $838 $838
1 Bedroom $1,022 $1,120
2 Bedrooms $1,222 $1,340
3 Bedrooms $1,222 $1,543

Fair Housing

The Owner and Managing Agent will not discriminate against any individual or household due to race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin or ancestry, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, handicap, military status, source of income, marital status or presence of children in a household. No criteria shall be applied or information considered, pertaining to attributes or behavior that may be imputed by some to a particular group or category. All criteria shall be applied equitably and all information considered on an applicant shall be related solely to the attributes and behavior or the individual members of the household.


Occupancy Standards

Units will be occupied in accordance with the following standards:

Unit Size Minimum Maximum
1 Bedroom 1 3
2 Bedrooms 1 5
3 Bedrooms 3 7
4 Bedrooms 4 9
  • Financial:
    • All income will be verified in writing from the income source on appropriate project income verification forms.
    • All assets, including bank accounts, will be verified in writing.
    • A resident’s income cannot exceed the property’s program restrictions of the area median income as published annually by the U.S. Dept. of HUD.
    • To protect the development from rent charge loss or delinquency, persons spending more than two and one half (2½) of their household’s combined monthly income for rent will not be accepted. Exceptions to this requirement are if applicant can prove that his or her current rent is equal to or greater than the development’s rent. At least six months’ worth of rent receipts must be verified.
    • Applicant’s credit history, prior and current landlord references and criminal background will be reviewed and considered in the selection process.
    • Third-party income verification will be required from all sources, including, but not limited to:
      • Employment, Unemployment
      • Government Assistance, TANF, etc.
      • Social Security, Pension, VA Benefits
      • Disability
      • Savings and checking
      • Asset verification, property, home, stocks, bonds, annuities, IRA, etc.
    • Income is calculated based on the applicant’s annual gross income. Annual gross income includes income from assets.
  • The site administrator or other representative of management will interview all applicants.
  • No pets will be allowed. A service dog (a seeing-eye dog or a dog for the deaf) is not considered a pet. There are exceptions to this criteria for specific cases.
  • The applicant is responsible for completing the application accurately. Misrepresentation of information is grounds for disqualification. If for any reason an applicant is rejected, the applicant will be informed in writing. A unit will not be held during an appeal process.
  • Every household member (excepting live-in care attendants, foster children or children that are not awarded full custody to the applicant) will be counted when determining qualification.
  • The head of household must be 18 years of age or older.
  • An unscheduled home visit may be held prior to closing of processing of your application to determine resident housekeeping habits.
  • Additions to the Household during the initial lease term shall require that the entire household be requalified at the initial income limit.

Application Information

  • Application fee is $30.
  • A Rental Application shall be completed by all applicants that are 18 years of age or older.
Each applicant will be charged a nonrefundable application-processing fee of $30. This fee will include checking credit, prior rental history, criminal background checks and administrative fees.




For an application, please contact Villa Montgomery Apartments.

This is a non-smoking building. Please do not apply if you intend to smoke. Pets are not permitted in the building. Thank you.

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